Freshman Leadership Opportunity: 

Learn more, do more, become more!

Freshman Leadership Opportunity (FLO) not only has a memorable acronym, but also happens to be an unforgettable program. Under the watchful eyes of a coordinator and five facilitators, each year the new generation of fifty FLO students come to understand and value the FLO moniker: ME, WE, SERVE.

Beginning with interviews, acceptance, and a retreat in the fall semester, FLO students learn about the CSU, Chico campus through an array of presentations and leadership workshops presented by FLO facilitators as well as prominent leaders on the CSU, Chico campus. Once spring semester arrives, FLO students are developing into leaders and are invited to take part in the Shadow Program. The FLO coordinator places each student with a staff leader from a campus program. These leaders may be students or professional staff and come from such programs as the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) and Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE). FLO students "shadow" these staff members to see leadership in action. During the spring FLO students also use what they have learned in order to develop and perform a community service program for the Chico community. By the end of the school year, dedicated FLO students with newly honed leadership skills will find themselves in remarkable places on campus. Many FLO alumni have gone on to become Resident Advisors, AS Officers, FLO Facilitators, and leaders in a variety of student-run programs.

Want to get involved with FLO your freshman year? Contact the FLO Coordinator at or call the GAC office.

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